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Writing✍🏽 About “Science”🧪 & ”Programming”👨🏽‍💻Inspiring People to Code|Languages:-JavaScript,Python,SQL,C++| Frameworks :-Vue.JS,Django|HTML

Let’s to talk about blackhole’s weird twin, white holes. Basically, a white hole is the hypothetical opposite of a black hole. Now will bet that you know what a black hole

is, but hey, they still have to explain seat belts every time you fly on an airplane, so buckle up because after the refresher we are going on a wild ride.

Black holes are regions of space where so much mass is packed together so densely it forms what is called a singularity, and nothing can move fast enough to escape its gravitational pull. …

Two of my closest colleagues were sick. One is COVID positive and another was really really sick. Sabishka Biswash went to his hometown after getting his positive results. We all knew that he is sick and he’s been at home for 3 days now. All his colleagues and mine called him to ask about his situation except me.

I am one of the closest people toSsabishka and I did not call him. Sabishka expressed how sorry he was for not calling him when he fell sick to one of my colleagues.

I knew that I should have called him. It’s…

I know what you are thinking.

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No one has measured the speed of light. That feels insane now that we are talking about it. It’s ridiculous. The speed of light is exactly 299,792,458 meters per second. We are so sure of it that since 1983, we’ve actually used the speed of light to define how long a meter is. It’s just the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458th of a second. That definition ensures that the speed of light is exactly this number,

There can be a whole lot of reasons for you to be choosing to opt-out of any Google services. But the way different developers and companies have integrated there apps and services with google services is is a monopoly going on. But because of this kind of practice performed by these big companies have to lead the way of Open-Source and Non-google Software.

This tutorial is strictly based on The Phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7(Lavender). This article is only for the enthusiasts and for those who know what they are doing. Please move forward with utmost caution.


Pre-Rooting process of Syncing/Backing up your data to the cloud

As soon as we start the process of unlocking the locked bootloader, we will lose all the data on this phone. So we need to first backup those data like contacts and calendar.

Now, this process…

I want to start by asking and answering two questions.

Number one: What exactly is Discipline?


Number two: How does it differ from motivation?

Because I think a lot of people get confused between these two terms. To start, I want to share a quote from the writer Samuel Thomas Davies because it answers both those questions in a pretty tidy way.

“Self-Discipline is about leaning into resistance. Taking action despite how you feel. Living a life by design not by default. But most importantly, it’s acting by your thoughts-not your feelings.“

Put another way, motivation is your overall…

In 1964 Nikolai Kardashev said that the most fundamental way to classify how advanced a civilization is/was, is/was based on Its energy consumption. The more energy they consume which means control, then the more sophisticated the civilization must be.

Nikolai Kardashev

Kardashev even proposed a scale for quantifying how advanced civilizations are.

He called a civilization “Type I” if it was able to harness all of the energy striking its planet from the parent star which for the Earth is about 1.7e+17 Watts.


I think I can share some advice with all the 21-year Humans out there.

Let me jump to the points.

First. let me introduce my self. I am Arunava, 21-year-old boy. I haven’t been to a college for formal education. I honestly tried, once.

I have been working as a freelance developer for some time and I had a very precise dream to LEARN JAVA AND MAKE A ANDROID APPLICATION. Yeah. this was my dream 3 years back and I failed at it very hard. …

What does it mean to be a bad developer? that’s what we are going to talk about here! Notice that i am not saying what it takes to get fired as a developer, instead i wanna focus on the kind of actions that you might be able to take and still sustain your career, still hold a job, still continue being a developer but just not a good one.

So i am going to share a list of things that i really hope will make you a terrible developer.


Perhaps the most critical thing that you can do…

The subatomic realm can be a confusing place, but you would think that we have studied atoms long enough to at least understand their most basic properties. Things like how big a proton is. And based on several experiments, scientists had thought they had a pretty good handle on it too.

Until an ingenious 2010 experiment came back with a very different number for the size of a proton, calling what we thought we knew into question.

Now, after almost a decade of reexamination, scientists think they have solved what is known as the

Before we really dive into the…

Every 176 years, the four planets in our outer solar system presents us with a rare opportunity. They’ll align in such a unique way, that it’s possible to

object slingshot method using gravity for probe launches

use their gravitational forces to slingshot from one planet to the next.

ShutUp JustFocus

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